Wooden floors for residential environments


Wooden floors Outdoor decking


Solutions for commercial areas

La preziosità del pavimento in legno unita alla sua praticità nella posa e stabilità nel tempo.


Our achievements

We at Legnoarreda work in different sectors – in fact, we offer many solutions suitable for every kind of environment : residential areas (indoor and outdoor), retail office and contract, in the name of the real essence of made in Italy, attention to detail and ability in woodworking.

We do believe that wood has thousands of stories to tell. And you, what story do you choose to design?



Plank – Maxi plank


Hand planed – Saw cutting – Vintage – Pre-sanded – Sanded


UV ray coating – Natural oil – Natural wax – Gold, silver, copper and gold dust leaf

Wood species and essences

Legnoarreda works many wood species according to your tastes

Legnoarreda also deals with the production of various types of skirting boards.

From production to retail and wholesale sales.

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